84-85 Standard Debate 1983-84

Conference 1A
1. Norma Rathkamp and Pam Banks, Tivoli Austwell-Tivoli
2. Toni Villafuerte and Melissa Simmons, Tivoli Austwell-Tivoli
Semi-finalists: Steve Rutherford and Nathan Staggs, Knox City and Joe Overley and Lee Haines, Lago Vista

Conference 2A
1. Brad Dickey and Kirk Crutcher, Archer City
2. Stacey Williams and Dan Johnston, Shallowater
Semi-finalists: Mike Robins and Earl Vaughn, Hardin and April Feuerbacher and Michelle Watts, Woodsboro

Conference 3A
Liz Maxwell and Lana Hill, Bishop
2. Tim Johns and Roy Schlegel, Mission Sharyland
Semi-finalists: Donna Pomikal and Lisa Lowsletter, Sealy and Byron Keeling and Scott Fossler, Boerne

Conference 4A
1. Nathan Home and Phillip Oldham, Buda Hays;
2. Loraine Benge and Charlene Hoffpauir, Dayton
Semi-finalists: Stephen Stafford and Jana Wall, Vernon and David Mitchell and Todd Greenwood, Vernon

Conference 5A
1. Arthur Friedman and Mike Garza, McAllen
2. James Clendenen and Christopher Martin, Carrollton Smith
Semi-finalists: Diana Lovell and Melissa Miller, Lubbock Coronado and Davie Goff and Craig Silvertooth, San Antonio Churchill.