83-84 85-86 Standard Debate 1984-85

Conference 1A
1. Sudan: Laurie Damron and Wade Donnell
2. Archer City: Kirk Crutcher and Bobby Mydlowski
3. Christoval: Eric Couvion and Kathryn Mullins and Tivoli Austwell-Tivoli: David Torres and Holly Edge

Conference 2A
1. Schulenburg: Andrew Rorschach and Steven Deterling
2. Shallowater: Scott Drury and Kirk Garner
3. Woodsboro: April Feuerbacher and Michelle Watts and Early: Eddy Lewellen and Bryan Bishop

Conference 3A
1. Mission Sharyland: Roy Schlegel and Steve Poston
2. Boerne: Altus Plunkett and Kevin Coryell
3. Atlanta: Tami Magee and Chris Pattillo and Cleveland Tarkington: Joe Willis and Lance Westcott

Conference 4A
1. Kyle Hays: Brooks Schuelke and William Templeton
2. Gregory Gregory-Portland: James McKinnie and Scott Love
3. Levelland: Grant Hartline and Darryl Home and Wharton: Kevin Yankowsky and Ray Kerlick

Conference 5A
1. Lubbock Coronado: Diana Lovell and Melissa Miller
2. PIano: Kelly Alexander and Mike Hulbert
3. Houston Bellaire: Sam Cooper and Mike Rosenfelt and Houston Bellaire: Mike Weiss and Rui de Figueiredo