85-86 87-88 Cross Examination Debate 1986-87

Conference 1A
1. Holly Edge and Mary Ann Villarreal, Austwell-Tivoli;
2. Howard McPherson and Jay Donoho, Munday
3. Tra Hall and Randall Harris, Jayton; Shannon Maxwell and Julie Martinez, Austwell-Tivoli

Conference 2A
1. Janet Reynolds and Greg Richards, Groveton;
2. Jason Adair and Dudley Hughes, Crandall;
3. Billy Tyler and Missy Phelps, Archer City; Jeff Stone and John Slaton, McCamey

Conference 3A
1. Keith Ludwick and Bart Herridge, Marble Falls;
2. Brian Bishop and Eddy Lewallen, Early;
3. Julie Hutt and James Isbell, Breckenridge; Austin Fontenot and Doug Hatton, Hardin-Jefferson

Conference 4A
1. Brooks Schuellce and Wesley Ward, Buda: Hays;
2. Tom Ray and Darrell Tonne, Buda: Hays;
3. Jennifer Bowles and Mike Matthey, Schertz: Clemens; John Mastrovich and David Haworth, West Orange-Stark

Conference 5A
1. Jenny Wicks and Jeanie Han, Carrollton: Newman Smith;
2. Renee Streza and Lance Harvey, Houston: Memorial;
3. Rob Cantrell and Rob Hernandez, Kingwood; David Walsh and Steve Thornton, Irving