85-86 87-88 ILPC Awards 1986-87

Tops in Texas

Trailblazer '86, North Mesquite, Adviser: Ron Taylor.

The Featherduster, Austin Westlake, Adviser: John Cutsinger.

Tops in Texas Individual Achievement Awards


Newswriting - Julie Myers, Katy: Taylor, Mane Event.
Feature Writing - Clare Bundy, Duncanville, Panther Prints. Sports
Writing - Billy Whitson, Duncanville, Panther Prints.
Editorial Writing - Martin Moore, Sulphur Springs, Cat's Tale.
Entertainment Review - Julia Barton, Dallas: Skyline, Skyline Tribune.
General Column Writing - Sheila Dewan, Houston: High School for the Performing Arts,
Happenings. Sports Column Writing - Todd Bennett, Lubbock: Monterey,
Monterey Mirror. Editorial Cartoon - Collin Williams, Deer Park, The Antler.
Student Art - Corey Foley, Austin: McCallum, Shield.
Feature Photography - Ehrin Shannon, Round Rock, Spitfire.
Spot News Photography - Michael Jackson, Duncanville, Panther Prints.
Sports Photography - Eric Roalson, Round Rock, Spitfire.
Page One Layout - Dane Reese, Austin: Westlake, Featherduster.
One-Shot Advertisement - Houston Ford, Austin: Westlake, Featherduster.
In-Depth News Feature - Lynn Nguyen, Houston: Mayde Creek, Rampage.
Photo Story - Carl Hale, Irving, The Tiger Rag.


Theme Development - Lisa Kahanek, Tammy Johnston, Linda Villarreal, Todd Vallier, Dallas: Skyline, The Origin 1986.
Division Pages - Natalie Limberg and Cindy Tomayo, Irving: Nimitz, 1986 Valhalla.
Student Life Spread - Dee Geiger, Dallas: Skyline, The Origin 1986.
Sports Spread - Jase Auby, Austin: Westlake, El Paisano.
Academic Spread - Jana Peterson, Deer Park, The Deer 1986.
Class Section Spread - Freida Peel, Austin: Crockett, Texan.
Organization Spread - Ben Cohen, Austin: Westlake, El Paisano.
Ad / Community Spread - Sonny Byrd, Lubbock: Monterey, Chaparral.
Portrait Photography - Charlie Moreno, El Paso: Ysleta, Otyokwa.
Feature Photography - Brigid Canty, Houston: Westfield, Thoroughbred.
Sports Photography - John Layton, Round Rock, 1986 The Dragon.

Tops in Division
Newspaper Yearbook
Junior High: The General, San Antonio: Eisenhower;
Page-in-Local-Paper: Hi-Standard, La Grange;
M-1: The Lyncean, Winona;
P-l: Panther Spirit, Follett;
P-2: Cypress, Sabinal;
P-3: Hornet's Nest, Gatesville;
P-4: Hillcrest Hurricane, Dallas: Hillcrest;
P-5: Featherduster, Austin: Westlake;
P-6: Tiger Rag, Irving;
P-7: Lake Reflections, Clear Lake.
Junior High: Tiger Club, Belton;
Y-1: Los Tejas, Overton;
Y-2: Corral, Coleman;
Y-3: Vandalite, Van;
Y-4: El Lobo, Levelland;
Y-5: El Paisano, Westlake;
Y-6: The Deer, Deer Park;
Y-7: Trailblazer '86, North Mesquite.