86-87 88-89 One-Act Play 1987-86

sf - scenes from

Conference 1A
First Place Play: Sabine Pass - sf TWELVE ANGRY JURORS
Second Place Play: Port Aransas - sf THE TROJAN WOMEN
Third Place Play: Ropesville: Ropes - sf NARNIA

Members of the Conference 1A state champion Sabine Pass one-act play cast include Daneen LaBove, Tonia Rothermel, Angie Newman, Carla Snider, Gabby Hanners, Shane Jennings, Mandy Eldridge, Timothy Williams, Jancy Smith, Jamie DuBose, Shelly Pinell, Charala Kay Toups, Bosco Smith, and Frankie Schexnayder, Director.

Conference 2A
First Place Play: Cooper - sf TEVYA AND HIS DAUGHTERS
Second Place Play: Canadian - sf PEER GYNT
Third Place Play: Pottsboro - sf INTERVIEW

Members of the Conference 2A state champion Cooper one-act play team include Tony Merry, Jon Kesler, Christa Seigler, Shannon Wilkerson, Lori Wilson, B.J. George, Christie Bailey, Jennifer Rushing, Natalie Haddock, Carol Cauley, Jim Bradshaw, Karin Svensson, Duane Thompson, Chris Partain, Daniel Sansing, Judy Falls and Judy Thompson, Directors.

Conference 3A
First Place Play: Mineola - sf THE MAN FROM LA MANCHA
Second Place Play: Sweeny - sf1 I NEVER SAW ANOTHER BUTTERFLY
Third Place Play: Mission: Shaiyland - sf THE FIFTH SUN

Members of the Conference 3A state champion Mineola one-act play cast include Chad Trent, Jonathan Pollei, Matthew Sundholm, Charles Trammell, Jimmy Polk, Kim Myers, Shane Steen, Tom Perkins, Don Wright, Crystal Hortman, Mindy Wheatley, Gary Evans, Michelle Trent, Molly Trent, Norma Conner, and Larry L. Wisdom, Director.

Conference 4A
First Place Play: Snyder - sf THE CORN IS GREEN
Second Place Play: Gregory-Portland - sf THE FOREIGNER
Third Place Play: Granbury - sf AND THEY DANCE REAL SLOW IN JACKSON

Members of the Conference 4A state champion Snyder one-act play cast Ashley Miller, Corey McDaniel, Coy Berryman, Melissa Hodges, Judson Morrison, Joy McSpadden, Amber Adams, Kirsten Miller, Chris Robbins, Brandon Neeley, Tommy Reeves, Jeff Franklin, Clay Travis, John Griffin, Amy Polk, and Jerry Worsham, Director.

Conference 5A
First Place Play: League City: Clear Lake - sf BLACK ANGEL
Second Place Play: San Antonio: MacArthur - sf TARTUFFE
Third Place Play: San Antonio: Clark - sf THE TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL

Members of the Conference 5A state champion League City: Clear Lake one-act play team include Wayne Rowe, Erin Ryan, Jeff Weaver, James McClure, Laura Mullane, Kent Kubena, Bill Schneider, April Dlugach, John McLaughlin, Marshall York, Jan Fosdick, Jessica Sheets, Scott Mitchell, Iris Vicencio-Garaygay, and R.L. Balfe, Director.