87-88 89-90 ILPC Awards 1988-89

Tops in Texas

Panther Prints, Duncanville. Adviser: Mary Pulliam

The Lair, Irving. Adviser: Sherri Taylor

Tops in Texas Individual Achievement Awards


News Writing - Reva Bhatla and Rara McMullen, Katy: Taylor, Mane Event
Editorial Writing - Chris Barton, Sulphur Springs, The Cat's Tale
Sports Writing - Dylan Rivera, Austin, Maroon
Feature Writing - Leslie Courtney, Fort Worth: Arlington Heights, Jacket Journal
Entertainment Review - Rim McGuire, Winona, The Lyncean
Photo Story - Jennifer Grossenbacher, Revin Murphy, and Jennifer Wilson, Austin: Westwood, The Signal
General Column - Anaye Milligan, Houston: High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Spotlight
Sports Column - Jason Sickles, Sulphur Springs, The Cat's Tale
In-depth News Feature - Anton Montano, Beaumont: West Brook, West Brook Times
Student Art - Paula Wirth, Klein, Bearchat
Editorial Cartoon - Todd Hopkins, San Antonio: Churchill, The Statesman
Page 1 Layout - Trendy Sharp, Duncanville, Panther Prints
Spot News Photo - Blane Wheeler, White Deer, The Buck's Tale
Feature Photo - Kirk Crippens, Duncanville, Panther Prints
Sports Photo - Kevin Murphy, Austin: Westwood, The Signal
One-Shot Ad - Kim Mathis, Austin: McCallum, Shield


Theme Development - Linda Batot, Irving, The Lair.
Division Page - Dane Reese, Austin: Westlake, El Paisano
Student Life Spread - Kathy Green, Texarkana: Texas, Tiger
Sports Spread - Angela Barrett, Irving, The Lair
Academic Spread - Angela Barrett, Irving, The Lair
Class Section Spread - Faerol Bramblett, Dallas: Highland Park, Highlander
Ad-Community Spread - Billy Tennyson, Sundown, The Gusher
Club/Organization Spread - Anna King and Marshall Watson, Longview: Spring Hill, Panther
Sports Photo - Billy Lambert, Lubbock Coronado, El Viajero
Portrait Photo - Joel Simon, Austin: West Ridge Middle School, Retrospect
Feature Photo - Chris Chaput, Vanderbilt: Industrial, Derrick

Tops in Division
Newspaper Yearbook
Junior High: The General, San Antonio: Eisenhower
Mimeograph: Tiger's Tale, Groom
Page in Local Paper: Screaming Eagle, Brownsville: Hanna
P-1: Panther Spirit, Follett
P-2: Tale, Ralls
P-3: Hornet's Nest, Gatesville
P-4: The Cat's Tale, Sulphur Springs
P-5: The Edition, Austin: Anderson
P-6: Eagle Eye, DeSoto
P-7: Panther Prints, Duncanville
Junior High: Retrospect, Austin: West Ridge
Y-1: 1988 Los Tejas, Overton
Y-2: 1988 Bulldog, Pollok: Central
Y-3: The Roundup, Coppell
Y-4: Jacket '88, Stephenville
Y-5: Tiger, Texarkana: Texas
Y-6: Lair, Irving
Y-7: Panther Tale, Duncanville

Teacher Awards

Edith Fox King Award
for distinguished contributions and outstanding devotion to scholastic journalism in Texas included:
Mary Starnes, Coleman HS
Patti Davis, Texarkana: Liberty-Eylau HS
Lynda Farrabee, Levelland HS
Krista Blakely, Dallas: Jefferson HS
Bruce Watterson, Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR

Max R. Haddick Teacher of the Year Award
Mary Pulliam, Duncanville High School