88-89 90-91 Cross Examination Debate 1989-90

Conference 1A
1. Austin Camp and Kevin Menzel - Thorndale
2. Sarah Aguirre and Heather Hatton - Austwell-Tivoli
3. Andy Williams and Justin Emerson - Knox City; Wendy Bichle and Karen Weise - Thorndale

Conference 2A
1. Kevin Franta and Duncan Sczepanik - Karnes City
2. Alan Milles and Angela Baker - Wall
3. Jason Smith and David Shoemaker - Boys Ranch; Christy Schabach and Amy Lawrence - Woodsboro

Conference 3A
1. Christopher Duke and Robert Butcher - Mont Belvieu: Barbers Hill
2. Kelley Cash and Krista Renner - Friona
3. Keith Bullard and Chad Edwards - Crane; Jake Wall and Derek Einkauf - Sealy

Conference 4A
1. David Haworth and David Kim - West Orange-Stark
2. Aaron Bos and Lisa Kocian - Gregory-Portland
3. Rish Narang and Randy Keenan Crowley; John Belhreau and Kelli Burrus - West Orange-Stark

Conference 5A
1. Nicholas Montfort and Daniel O'Brien - San Antonio: Lee
2. Matthew Stanton and Jason Levin - San Antonio: Lee
3. Jason Patomson and Kurt Shelton - Carrollton: Newman-Smith; Kamran Karimi and Greg Press - San Antonio: Clark