91-92 93-94 ILPC Awards 1992-93

Gold/Silver/Bronze Star Awards

Newspaper Yearbook
Panther Prints, Duncanville High School
Cougar Caller, South San Antonio High School, West Campus
Rampage, Marshall High School, San Antonio
The Lone Star Dispatch, James Bowie High School, Austin
Featherduster, Westlake High School, Austin
Anvil, Memorial High School, Houston
Panther Tale, Duncanville High School
The Deer, Deer Park High School
1992 Eagle, Labay Junior High School
Lone Star, James Bowie High School, Austin
Comanche 92, West Texas High School, Stinnett
Highlander, Highland Park High School
Flashlight, Abilene High School

The Grass Burr, Weatherford High School
Bear Facts, Hastings High School, Alief
Raider Echo, North Garland High School
Falcon Cry, Fulmore Middle School, Austin
Tattler, Angleton High School
Branding Iron, Jefferson High School, E1 Paso
Hillcrest Hurricane, Hillcrest High School, Dallas
Las Memorias, Tascosa High School, Amarillo
The Tiger, Texas High School, Texarkana
1992 Panther, Spring Hill High School
El Paisano 1992, Westlake High School, Austin
Governor 1992, Ross Sterling High School, Baytown
Reata 1992, Memorial High School, Houston

Radar, John Reagan High School, Austin
Maroon, Austin High School
Eagle Eye, DeSoto High School
The Pioneer, Tascosa High School
Southern Accent, Lee High School Tyler
1992 Pride, Waco High School
Eagle 1992, DeSoto High School
Bear Pride 92, La Vernia High School
92 Panther Paw, Pflugerville High School
Cat Tale 1992, Winona High School
The Siluer Star, Cook Junior High School, Houston
1992 Matador, Seguin High School
1992 Hawk, Red Oak High School
1992 Panther, Hillcrest High School, Dallas

Tops in Texas Individual Achievement Awards


News Writing - Tom Asimos, Texarkana Pleasant Grove HS
Editorial Writing - Heather Sentell, Euless Trinity HS
Sports Writing - Timm Reynolds, Austin Lanier HS
Feature Story - Tracey Cooper, Duncanville HS
Entertainment Review - Lise Bohn, Tyler Lee HS
Photo Story - Austin Reagan HS
General Column - Temi Kourosh, Duncanville, HS
Sports Column - Lance Cooper, South San Antonio HS, West Campus
In-depth News/Feature - Ashley Altick, Elizabeth Smith, Mindy White, Dallas Hillcrest HS
Student Art - Dave Scott, San Antonio Marshall HS
Computer Art - Chris Heatherly, Angleton HS
Editorial Cartoon - Randal Milholland, Euless Trinity HS
Page 1 Layout - Gabby Bezada, El Paso Jefferson HS
General News Photo - Abe Cabello, Austin Reagan HS
Feature Photo - Scot Gentry, Austin Westlake HS
Sports Action Photo - Jason Gray, Lubbock Coronado HS
Sports Feature Photo - Scott Nava, Rosenberg Lamar Consolidated HS
One-Shot Ad - Joanna Slover, Alicia Rodgers, Conroe HS


Theme Selection & Development - Nina Nappa, Robert Herrmann, Adrian Jones, K. Adam Stockstill, Austin Bowie HS
Division Pages - Cathy Dodge, Holly Clifford, Duncanville HS
Student Life Spread - Glen Collins, Doug Wilks, Dallas Highland Park HS
Sports Spread - Pace Warren, Austin Westlake HS
Academic Spread - Jeet Datta, Austin Westlake HS
Class Section Spread - Adrian Jones, Nina Nappa, K. Adam Stockstill, David Neff, Austin Bowie HS
Ad-Community Spread - David Mas, Austin Westlake HS
Club/Organization Spread - Jaimie Hernandez, E1 Paso Riverside HS
Sports Action Photo - K. Adam Stockstill, Austin Bowie HS
Sports Feature Photo - William Pethel Jr., San Antonio Marshall HS
Portrait - William Pethel Jr., San Antonio Marshall HS
Feature Photo - Shane Sabo, Texarkana Texas HS

Teacher Awards

Edith Fox King Award
for distinguished contributions and outstanding devotion to scholastic journalism in Texas included:
Mary Pulliam, Duncanville HS
Connie Penney, Texarkana Texas HS
Lina Davis, Arlington Sam Houston HS
Bobby Hawthorne, ILPC Director (presented by Texas advisers)

Max R. Haddick Teacher of the Year Award
Linda Winder, Angleton HS