92-93 94-95 ILPC Awards 1993-94

Gold/Silver/Bronze Star Awards

Newspaper Yearbook
Raider Echo, North Garland H S
Lone Star Dispatch, Bowie H S (Aushn)
Hillcrest Hurricane, Hillcrest H S (Dallas)
Grass Burr, Weatherford H S
Panther Spirit, Follett H S
Branding Iron, Jefferson H S (El Paso)
1993 Black and Gold, Pleasant Grove H S (Texarkana)
1993 Lone Star, James Bowie H S (Austin)
Comanche '93, West Texas H S (Stinnett)
Highlander, Highland Park H S (Dallas)
1993 Tiger, Texas H S (Texarkana)
Bobcat, Cypress-Fairbanks H S (Houston)

Panther Prints, Duncanville H S
Rampage, Alief Elsik H S (Houston)
Falcon Cry, Fulmore M S (Austin)
Bear Facts, Alief Hastings H S (Houston)
Featherduster, Westlake H S (Austin)
Maroon, Austin H S (Austin)
Cat Tale 1993, South San Antonio H S
The Eagle, Labay J H S (Houston)
El Paisano 1993, Westlake H S (Austin)
Governor 1993, Sterling H S (Baytown)
Panther Tale, Duncanville H S

Rampage, Mayde Creek H S (Houston)
The Colt, Arlington H S
Eagle Eye, DeSoto H S
Tattler, Angleton H S
Las Memorias, Tascosa H S (Amarillo)
Owl's Nest, Garland H S
Lion Pride, Lockhart J H S
Cat Tale 1993, Winona H S

Tops in Texas Individual Achievement Awards


News Writing - Jackie Banks, Bowie H S (Austin)
Editorial Writing - Patrick Bogart, McNeil H S (Austin)
Sports Writing - Nicole Penick, Houston H S (Arlington)
Feature Writing - Kim Jarrett, Naaman Forest H S (Garland)
Entertainment Review - Paul Van Hook, Memorial H S (Houston)
Photo Story - Wendy Smith, Tony Moreno, Wolfgang Schroen, Conan Primm, Hillcrest H S (Dallas)
General Column - Tara McGary, Garland H S
Sports Column - Kris Paulson, Bowie H S (Austin)
In-depth News/Feature - Tim Fields, Laura Lee, Andrea Dennison, Everett Lee, Sarah Sunjunkian, Westlake H S (Austin)
Student Art - Anthony June, Alief Hastings H S (Houston)
Computer Art - Jon-Paul Dumont, Hillcrest H S (Dallas)
Editorial Cartoon - Brad Graeber, Tomball H S
Page 1 Layout - Scott Russell, North Garland H S
General News Photo - Bobby Gonzales, Marshall H S (San Antonio)
Feature Photo - Danyel Basham, Bowie H S (Austin)
Sports Action Photo - James Scouten, Boys Ranch H S
Sports Feature Photo - Tony Moreno, Hillcrest H S (Dallas)
One-Shot Ad - Shalene Creek, Bowie H S (Austin)


Theme Selection & Development - Drew Myers, Holly Glifford, Duncanville H S
General Interest Spread - Leigh Harralson, Allyson Jaudes, Highland Park H S (Dallas)
Student Life Spread - Donya Williams, Randall H S (Amarillo)
Sports Spread - Elizabeth Foerch, Kelly Linnenkamp, Irving H S
Academic Spread - Robert Collins, Julie Pleasant, Hillcrest H S (Dallas)
Class Section Spread - Trina Dansbee, Coronado H S (Lubbock)
Ad-Community Spread - Christy Rhodes, Robert Redland, Danyel Basham, Bowie H S (Austin)
Club/Organization Spread - Jane Lowrance, Texas H S (Texarkana)
Student Life Feature - April Moss, Bowie H S (Austin)
Academic Feature - Tonya Wright, Masonic Home H S (Fort Worth)
Sports Feature - Drew Myers, Duncanville H S
Club/Organization Feature - Nathan Warren, Shalene Creek, Bowie H S (Austin)
Theme Copy - Adrian Jones, Bowie H S (Austin)
Sports Action Photo - Chris Nelson, Pampa H S
Sports Feature Photo - Danyel Basham, Bowie H S (Austin)
Feature Photo - Brooke Johnson, Borger H S

Teacher Awards

Edith Fox King Award
for distinguished contributions and outstanding devotion to scholastic journalism in Texas included:

Wayna Polk, Abilene H S
Carrie Skeen, Nimitz H S (Irving)
Nancy Wall, South San Antonio H S
Sandy Hall-Chiles, Talented and Gifted Magnet H S (Dallas)

Max R. Haddick Teacher of the Year Award
Linda Duncan, Deer Park